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Diet worldwide directory gives you information about the organisations that concerned with food and mental health and working on issues concerning diet problems

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For over 40 years, Weight Watchers has helped millions of people around the world to lose weight! Find out about our history and philosophy.
The Paleolithic Diet Page
The definitive page of annotated links on the Paleolithic Diet, also called a hunter/gatherer diet
Liposuction Information
This Web site provides a full spectrum of liposuction information about the various and different types of liposuction
Recipes for Kids
The Internet’s most complete selection of kid-friendly recipes and family cooking activities
Diet Strategies for Women with Diabetes
Information from the Joslin Diabetes Center on weight loss for diabetic women.
Purplechocolate forums
Come here to discuss what's on your mind, your eating disorder or even just what kind of day you've had
Nutrition and Healthy Diet Tips on
Healthy nutrition is an important part of disease prevention. Changing your diet and making healthier choices is not always easy

Angelina Jolie’s candlelit diet
Pregnant Angelina Jolie’s bizarre candlelit diet is worrying her lover Brad Pitt. Angelina, who is believed to be expecting twins with Brad, has reportedly sparked health concerns after embarking on a low-fat organic diet and refusing to eat in well-lit rooms.
Typical western diet does acne. True or false?
Plagued by acne? Then you’ve probably wondered whether eating junk food gives you spots. Until now, the accepted thinking was that this was a myth, the sort of wishy-washy warning that a mother might resort to in an attempt to encourage her teenage children to eat more healthily. Before you grab a bag of crisps, [...]
Time to Go on a Liquid Diet
AS the market keeps torturing us, many people say the problem is fallout from the losses in subprime mortgages.
How Much Sushi is Healthy?
Since uncooked fish carries with it the risk for parasites, visit sushi restaurants that serve only previously frozen or cooked fish. A sushi chef combines pieces of fish, vegetables and sometimes mayonnaise or sauce on dried seaweed, rolls it up and cuts into pieces, usually four to six pieces per order. White rice is usual, [...]
10 Healthy Foods That Aren’t
Healthy or not healthy? Not a simple question these days. While you’re aware banana splits and double bacon cheeseburgers are not the best choices when watching your waistline, some foods you least suspect can also be troublemakers.